From today, Monday 12 June 2017, a change has been implemented to where and when Small Unmanned Aircraft or SUAs (also known as Drones, UAVs, Quadcoptors, and model aircraft) can be flown on St Helena.

In order to ensure the continued safety of the airspace over the Island, St Helena Airport has agreed with the Regulator – Air Safety Support International (ASSI) – that a SUA ‘No Fly Zone’ is now in force to the east of the Island. This No Fly Zone encompasses the approach paths to the Airport and the airspace in the immediate vicinity of the Airport. No SUA flights are permitted in the No Fly Zone at any time.

There is also a small No Fly Zone in the immediate vicinity of the Blue Hill VHF station – this is to ensure the continued safety of communications equipment vital to the safe operations of the Airport. Again, no SUAs may fly in the defined area at any time.

Additionally, a ‘Restricted Fly Zone’ is now in force for an area of the Island to the west of the SUA No Fly Zone but still in the area of St Helenian airspace controlled by St Helena Airport. This area of airspace is called the ‘Control Zone’ (CTR).

No SUA flight may be conducted in the Restricted Fly Zone without prior permission from the Airport. This applies to all SUAs, regardless of weight, size or whether a camera or other recording device is fitted. Permission to fly will not normally be refused, but permission will not be granted on days when flights are scheduled or expected.

To request permission to fly in the Restricted Fly Zone, or for more information, please contact Head of Operations at St Helena Airport, Gwyneth Howell, on tel nos: 25175/ 25180/63131, or via email:

Attached to this press release is the Direction from ASSI which brings these changes into force.

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12 June 2017


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St Helena Airport Update – No. 84

St Helena Airport Update – No. 84


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An aero-medical evacuation flight is scheduled to arrive at St Helena Airport today, Tuesday 9 May 2017.

This flight is due to arrive at approximately 15.00hrs St Helena time (weather permitting) and will depart early tomorrow morning.



9 May 2017












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History was made on St Helena today, Wednesday 3 May 2017, when a charter plane carrying 60 passengers landed at St Helena Airport at 1.55pm.

Air Partner, a commercial organisation that sources charter flights around the world, had been contracted to source an aircraft to transport from Cape Town to St Helena passengers affected by the cancellation of RMS voyages 255 and 256. Air Partner then entered into an agreement with SA Airlink to carry out the charter flight.

SA Airlink successfully carried out the flight operation today using a British Aerospace 146 Avro RJ85 aircraft.  Among the 60 passengers onboard today’s incoming flight were HE Governor Lisa Phillips and a young St Helenian baby born in Cape Town.

Crowds of family members, friends and Island residents gathered at the Airport to witness the arrival. Emotions were high and many people expressed that they were excited but emotional about today’s flight.

The aircraft approached St Helena Airport from the north before smoothly touching down on Runway 20. Passengers disembarking the aircraft were met by a packed Arrivals Hall, all eager to welcome everyone to St Helena.

Following a quick turnaround, the aircraft departed at 3.20pm with 48 passengers onboard. The aircraft is travelling to Cape Town via Windhoek in South Africa.

Councillor Derek Thomas said today:

“What a great day for St Helena to receive our first flight of passengers, and a really good turnout from the people.

“Over the past year there have been many disappointments for air access but despite this our people have been patient while waiting for a successful outcome. The arrival of the aircraft today is one step nearer to commercial use of our Airport and has enabled those people who were delayed in Cape Town to return home safely.

“Thank you to Air Partner, SA Airlink, Janet and the Air Access Office team, Airport staff led by Gwyneth, Kedell our SHG UK Representative and Niall from ESH and [Dr Akeem Ali] our new Health Director who provided tremendous support to our Saints stuck in Cape Town. To all staff in SHG for all their hard work for organising the flight which was a real success and a really successful day.”

Accountable Manager & Head of Operations at St Helena Airport, Gwyneth Howell, added:

“The team at St Helena Airport did exceptionally well today and we should be really proud of them, everything went as well as we had hoped. There will be lessons learnt and we will always strive to improve but to everyone, from SHG to SA Airlink to Air Partner and the Airport team, I think we all did exceptionally well.”

Four photos are attached to this press release. For more photos from today please visit the SHG Facebook and Twitter accounts via the below links:

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3 May 2017





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Weather permitting, a charter flight, organised by Air Partner and carried out by SA Airlink will take place tomorrow, Wednesday 3 May 2017.

The British Aerospace 146 Avro RJ85 aircraft will be transporting affected passengers from Cape Town to St Helena and will also transport from St Helena to Cape Town those passengers who were impacted by the cancellation of Voyages 255 and 256 of the RMS, as well as passengers on V257 who have been affected by issues with the Airbridge to Ascension.

Below is the proposed schedule for tomorrow’s flight:

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

* All times are local to the airports

St Helena Airport will be open from 10am on a first come, first served basis.

The landside restaurant will be open and people will be able to view the arrival of the flight from the viewing platform. Members of the public are also encouraged to use other viewing points such as Bradley’s and the Millennium Forest.

The check in time for outgoing passengers will be between 10.30am and 12.30pm.

The Airside Cafe will be open for departing passengers.  There will be no airside access to anyone else unless you are part of the Airport operations.

A Q&A document is available on the Publications page of the SHG website: . Members of the public are encouraged to view the document which is being updated as new information becomes available.

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2 May 2017





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